WATS Happenin'? Money Strategies for Artists

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with other financial professionals to discuss “Money Strategies for Artists.” I read off a list of deductions that are fully deductible for artists in their particular industry. I thought I would share that list with you all as well. If you are an Actor, Dancer, Photographer, etc. you do not want to overlook these deductions:

  1. Coaching & Lessons

  2. Audition Travel

  3. Dance Training

  4. Business Meetings

  5. Continuing Education

  6. Downloads, CDs, & Recordings

  7. Training

  8. Out-Of-Town Business Trips

  9. Rents - Rehearsal Hall

  10. Job Supplies

  11. Tickets

  12. Professional Society Meetings

  13. Parking Fees & Tolls

  14. Audition Tapes, Videos & DVDs Airfare